Cy Pres Awards

LAF welcomes cy pres and court settlement awards.  

Cy pres awards take their name from the French term meaning “as close as possible.”  When all the class members who can be located have received their share of a class action award, the left-over funds are often distributed to organizations whose work has something in common with the objectives of the underlying class action.   

Court settlement awards occur when the court approves a settlement that requires one of the parties to make a specified contribution to a charity. 

LAF gratefully receives both of these types of awards.  Cy pres and court settlement awards allow LAF to help families and individuals living in poverty resolve their non-criminal legal issues and get back on track.  LAF’s more than 80 full-time attorneys and staff provide comprehensive free legal services for civil problems.  We make equal justice a reality in metropolitan Chicago and break the cycle of poverty.

These awards can be used to support LAF’s work in general or they can be designated to fund legal assistance in a particular area.  You can learn more about LAF’s work here.

Please keep LAF in mind when directing a cy pres or court settlement award.  For further information, contact Gloria Friedman at 312-347-8381 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.