YPB Membership Expectations

Each member of the YPB is expected to fulfill the following four obligations:

  • Initial annual contribution paid upon joining ($100 - professionals; $25 - students)
  • Joining one of three main committees (Social, Outreach, and Member Engagement) and active participation in committee projects and special YPB initiatives
  • Attending a minimum of 2 of the 4 quarterly membership meetings
  • Attending a minimum of 2 of the 3 LAF/YPB annual fundraising events (Justice Is Served Spring Gala/LAF Annual Luncheon / YPB Autumn Affair)

YPB Member Benefits

  • Inclusion on the YPB membership list on the LAF website
  • Inclusion in select marketing and organizational materials distributed by LAF
  • Special media recognition highlighting member accomplishments 
  • Opportunity to list YPB membership on firm/company bio, or resume
  • Opportunities to build and expand network of professional contacts
  • Opportunity to build leadership skills and assume leadership roles on the YPB
  • Potential for eventual invitation to join the LAF Governing Board of Directors

Next Steps After Joining the YPB

  • LAF’s staff liaison to the YPB will reach out to set up a meeting with you and a Member Steward to go over the structure of the Board and bring you up to speed on current projects and needs. You will receive the YPB handbook at this meeting. 
  • The YPB has a mentorship program, where newer members are linked up with veteran members. Your YPB mentor will follow up with you once you’ve met with the Steward and staff liaison, to introduce themselves and answer any additional questions you might have. As longtime members of the YPB, mentors can provide you with a wealth of information about serving on the YPB and maximizing the opportunities it offers for networking and building leadership experience. They can also help you select a Committee to join. 
  • All members are asked to join one of the standing Committees of the YPB. The LAF staff liaison will follow up with you and connect you with the appropriate co-chairs, who will then get you up to speed on their Committee’s specific needs.

Ready to join? The YPB welcomes new members year round – get involved now and help make a difference for LAF!