Meet Kevin

Kevin is a U.S. Army veteran and a single father to his young daughter Jordan. Unfortunately, like too many veterans, Kevin struggled to find a place for his skills in the civilian sector. He lived at the poverty line for years and never had enough money to go through the process to obtain legal custody of Jordan, who has been in his care since she was a month old. Things seemed to be looking up when he was accepted into the VA’s Veterans Retraining Assistance Program, which would pay him a subsidy while he went back to school so he could finish his degree and make a new start for himself and Jordan. Kevin tried to apply for a veteran-specific housing voucher, but was turned down because he lacked legal proof that Jordan was his daughter.

With LAF’s help, a judge granted Kevin’s request for a formal order of paternity and sole custody of Jordan, and they were able to move into a new apartment. Now Kevin can once again focus on finishing his degree and getting a job to continue to provide for Jordan. He says he is excited to be a strong role model for Jordan, because “by seeing me in college, she will know that she can accomplish anything!”